What Is ICloud for Desktop Computers?

What Is ICloud for Desktop Computers?

iCloud for desktop computers is a desktop client for Apple's cloud storage service. It is available for Windows and Mac computers.

iCloud is a cloud computing service that works across a variety of devices. It is designed to share content across different devices, and it makes it easy to create and save backups on secondary devices. Although it primarily serves Apple devices, users can also access iCloud through a PC desktop client.

To set up the iCloud desktop application, run through the following steps.

  1. Enable or install iCloud
  2. To get iCloud on a Mac computer, update the Mac OS software and enable iCloud in System Preferences. To get iCloud on a Windows computer, download and install the client from the Apple website. Then, enable the service in the iCloud Control Panel. Minimum system requirements for both operating systems are available through the Apple website.

  3. Sign into a valid Apple ID account
  4. iCloud requires a valid Apple ID. Users who do not have one can create one free of charge to use the service.

  5. Choose preferences
  6. Choose which services to sync with the computer. Services include Find my iDevice or Mac, Photo Stream, Mail, Calendars, Notes, Contacts, Reminders, iTunes Match, Safari, Passbook and Documents.