How Do You View What Is on Your ICloud?


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The process for viewing a user's iCloud content depends on the client device. iCloud is built into the Mac OS X Yosemite within the Finder window. As of December 2015, iPhones and iPads using iOS 9 or later have native iCloud support, but older versions must use a third-party app such as Documents 5. Apple provides a software package called iCloud For Windows that allows PC access to the iCloud. iCloud content can also be accessed via iCloud.com.

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iCloud has many benefits for the iOS user. Users can share purchased media contents, such as music and apps, across multiple devices. Photos and videos can be synced across iOS devices and Mac computers using iCloud Photo Library. Users can share mail, contacts and calendars across multiple devices and computers.

As of 2015, iCloud Drive is a developing product that allows sharing files across multiple devices. While the product can be used to share basic documents and files across multiple devices, more mature cloud products such as DropBox or Google Drive are more useful for more complex files. Each iCloud Drive user receives the first 5 GB of storage free, and additional storage can be purchased for a monthly fee.

Other iCloud functions include Find My iPhone, iCloud Keychain and Backup and Restore. When enabled, Find My iPhone allows users to locate a lost phone, lock and track a device and remotely erase personal data on a stolen phone. iCloud Keychain allows users to securely store credit card information, passwords and other private information and access it from multiple locations. Backup functionality can be used to automatically back up iOS devices and Mac computers. Customers can use restore functionality to re-establish a device that has crashed or to set up a new one.

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