How Is IBM Datapower?


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IBM Datapower is a group of hardware products that specialize in the creation of secure and integrated platforms for mobile, Web or programming interfaces. They operate as part of IBM's service-oriented appliance division and use their powerful Linux operating systems, custom-encrypted RAID drives and hardware modules to perform tasks that expand the capability of overall network infrastructure. Datapower appliances are available in traditional rack-mountable appliance packages or as virtual appliances in digital firmware systems.

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How Is IBM Datapower?
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IBM Datapower appliances have many uses beyond infrastructure expansion and secure network creation. They can also facilitate electronic messaging exchanges between unrelated network appliances by integrating their functions into the same secure service platform. Security is created through the deployment of a single-entry zone that acts as a barrier between the local area network and other untrusted networks. In this way, Datapower devices are actually able to expand a network's capability without exposing its architecture or infrastructure to outside attacks.

Datapower appliances were initially created by Datapower Technology, Inc., but the company was acquired by IBM in 2005, and all Datapower appliances have subsequently been sold under the IBM name. As of 2015, Datapower's newest and most popular product is its IBM Datapower Gateway security and integration suite.

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