Are There Hull Pottery Price Guides Available Online?

A thorough and well-defined price guide for A.E. Hull Pottery is available online at This site is useful for finding the pattern, the description and the value of a piece of Hull pottery.

A.E. Hull's roots began in 1901 with the creation of The Globe Stoneware Co., producing stoneware. At the same time, his brother began the Acme Pottery Co., producing fine semi-porcelain dinnerware. In 1904, Hull sold his stake in Globe Stoneware and officially started A.E. Pottery. Then in 1907, he purchased Acme Pottery from his brother and began producing pottery from both facilities. During the 1920s, the company produced a full line of quality stoneware, semi-porcelain and art pottery, such as florist pots, saucers and gardenware.