How Does the Hughes Telematics Device Work?


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Hughes Telematics works by integrating all of the electrical and computerized systems in a vehicle into one platform that is connected to outside networks to provide the driver with useful information. The telematics device also includes GPS and cellphone connections.

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The primary difference between the Hughes Telematics device and older telematics systems is the level of integration. The telematics control unit gathers data from all of the electronic systems in the vehicle through the car's controller area network, an integral part of all modern vehicles. The control unit then integrates and interprets the data, providing information to the driver in a user-friendly way.

The Hughes device uses multiple communication methods. Information is available to the driver through Bluetooth devices, 3G broadband Wi-Fi transmitted through a car rooftop antenna and satellite systems. Car owners are able to access information both on the go and through their cellphones at home if the car is nearby.

Hughes Telematics incorporates three main systems. The safety and security system provides easy roadside assistance, automatic crash notification and a variety of tools for locating stolen vehicles. The navigation system provides traffic information in addition to travel directions. The diagnostic system delivers vehicle maintenance reminders, car health checks, recall information and diagnostic information about vehicle problems.

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