How Does Hotmail Email Differ From Other Emails?


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Microsoft's Hotmail differs from other emails in many ways including offering unlimited storage space compared to Gmail, which gives its users 15 gigabytes of storage. Hotmail, which transitioned to become Outlook in 2013, also lets its users integrate email with social media platforms which Yahoo users can't do.

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As of 2015, Outlook provides each new user unlimited data while Gmail users start at 15 gigabytes. While logged into Outlook, users can easily connect to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one screen rather than having to click to multiple sites. This social media integration is not available with Gmail or Yahoo email accounts.

If a customer does not use his account, he has nine months before the account becomes inactive with an Outlook account, whereas Yahoo users only have six months. While an Outlook email account comes with banners, they are small in comparison to Yahoo's huge banners.

Outlook also offers the option to forgo advertisement displays for less than $20 a year whereas Yahoo's price is slightly higher. Users of Outlook can also share and view Microsoft and Excel documents using Office Online. Finally, users can chat or make video calls to friends on Skype whereas Yahoo is not associated with a video calling service.

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