What Is the Hot Bird Channel Frequency?


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The Hot Bird channel frequencies are the frequencies at which the Hot Bird satellites broadcasts free to air and encrypted digital television and radio stations and packages to various countries. For example, Hot Bird 13B transmits a package of Polish stations over frequency 12.188 (V) and sends stations from San Marino, Israel, Bahrain and Iran over frequency 12.149 (V).

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Hot Bird 13B transmits at frequencies from 10.727 (H) to 12.657 (V), Hot Bird 13C transmits over frequencies from 10.719,110 (V) to 12.731.101 (H) and Hot Bird 13D transmits at frequencies from 10.185 (H) to 12.597 (V). The satellites reuse transponder frequencies by using linear cross polarization schemes that send half of the signals with vertical polarization (V) and the other half with horizontal polarization (H). The signals overlap, but are 90 degrees out of phase and do not interfere with each other. Special receiving feedhorns, or antenna devices, are needed to receive and decode them.

Hot Bird is a group of communications satellite that orbit at 13 degrees east above the equator and transmit to Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. The most powerful and important three Hot Bird satellites, Hot Birds 8, 9 and 10 are labeled Hot Bird 13B, 13C and 13D. Hot Bird 13B is the most powerful and broadcasts the most stations, but all three broadcast from the optimal 13 degree east orbit and together send 1,100 free-to-air television and radio stations to subscribers.

Eutelsat, the French-based telecommunications and satellite provider, owns the satellites, which launched between 1995 and 2009. Eutelsat is one of the three largest satellite communications providers and reaches more than 250 million homes from India and Asia to the Caribbean.

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