How Do Hospitals Use Curaspan EDischarge Software?

hospitals-use-curaspan-edischarge-software Credit: shironosov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Various components of eDischarge software are used to help streamline and automate a patient's discharge from a hospital stay and organize her follow-up care, according to Curaspan, the creators of DischargeCentral. eDischarge was upgraded in 2011 and is known as DischargeCentral as of 2015.

The DischargeCentral program automatically adds new clinical information entered by intake personnel during a hospital admission. The system then updates with any new clinical entries, ensuring a quicker and more easily tracked process for patient care and movement throughout a hospital stay, notes Curaspan. The software also tracks patients all the way through their post-discharge care, notes Healthcare Business Alliance, gathering information about problem areas and assisting health care providers with creating a regimen of appropriate follow-up care.

This type of automated health care coordination, reports Healthcare Finance, helps to avoid hospital re-admissions and promotes better overall patient satisfaction. Readmits can adversely affect a hospital's service payments from agencies such as Medicare, according to Curaspan. The collaborative nature of DischargeCentral allows health care payment systems and clinicians to proactively design care programs, which in the long-term reduces re-admittance rates and ensures that hospitals receive timely reimbursement for services.

The health care software also can help clinicians save administrative time, allowing them to devote more time to caring for patients, claims Curaspan.