How Do You Hook up a Wireless Router?

To connect a wireless router, use Ethernet cables to connect it to the modem, if the router is not also the modem. Then, connect the modem to an Internet provider to grant computers in the home or business access to the Internet. Different router manufacturers have different settings and procedures

  1. Turn off all devices connected to the modem

    Remove cables connecting the devices to the modem; the router needs to connect here. Place the wireless router in a secure location away from the wall or excessively hot places, as long as it is within reach of the Ethernet cable.

  2. Connect the modem to the router

    There should be an Ethernet port on the modem labeled Router or Gateway. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable here, and connect the other end into the router port labeled WLAN or Internet. Connect the router to a power supply. Turn the router on and wait for all the lights to turn solid green. Plug another Ethernet cable into the computer from the router.

  3. Set up the router

    The router should have an IP address and access key located on the side. If not, it should be with the included documentation. Open a Web browser, and type the IP address in the address bar. Walk through the steps, and enter the appropriate information to configure the router.

  4. Test the connection

    Disconnect the cord from the computer, and open the computer's available networks. The router should be listed in the list of active wireless networks. Connect using the username and password created during configuration.