How Do You Hook up TV Components?

Hooking up television components begins with determining a location for the TV and accessories and providing an outlet or power strip for all electrical devices. Plug the component cables into their assigned locations before plugging them into the outlet or power strip, and then test each to ensure the devices are working properly and their settings are correct.

If you need to mount the television on a wall, do so before attaching the component cables. Make sure to have a resting place for DVD or Blu-ray players, cable boxes or game consoles.

First connect the antenna cable from the wall to the cable box in the spot marked Cable In. Attach the cable box to the DVD or Blu-ray player by running a coaxial cable from the TV Out spot on the cable box to the TV In spot on the player. Connect the DVD or Blu-ray player to the television using a HDMI cable to link the TV Out port on the DVD or Blu-ray to the HDMI connector on the television.

If using a receiver to enhance sound quality, link the cables provided with the receiver to the designated AV ports in the back of the television. Turn on each component to ensure proper installation.