How Do I Hook up Speakers to My Computer?

How Do I Hook up Speakers to My Computer?

How Do I Hook up Speakers to My Computer?

To hook up speakers to a computer, plug the speakers into a power socket, and connect the speaker jack into the computer's headphone port. You need a computer with a sound card, speakers and a power outlet. It takes just a few minutes to connect speakers to a computer.

  1. Plug the speakers into a power source

    Computer speakers typically require a power socket to function properly, though there are some models that operate with batteries. Before plugging the speakers into a wall socket, ensure that the computer is turned off.

  2. Connect the speakers to the computer's audio port

    On the back of the speakers, there is a 3.5mm audio jack connected to a cord. Locate the audio port on the back of the computer tower, which is usually indicated by a small headphones icon. Plug the audio jack into this port.

  3. Turn on the computer, and manipulate the sound

    Once the computer is on, adjust the volume controls to the desired level. The computer may not recognize the speakers immediately, so allow a few minutes for the computer to reach the desktop screen.

  4. Test the speaker sound

    Use an application that produces sound to ensure speaker functionality. There are many computer functions that make sounds, such as clicking on links, opening web pages or receiving notifications.