How Do You Hook up a Laptop to a TV?


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To hook up a laptop to a TV, check the available ports on your laptop and TV, and connect the appropriate cable between the two of them. To view the screen of your laptop on your TV, simultaneously press the Fn key and the display icon key.

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  1. Check your ports

    The easiest way to hook up a laptop to a TV is to find a common port. Examine the available ports on the sides of your laptop. Most laptops have an HDMI or MiniHDMI port. You may also find a DisplayPort, MiniDisplayPort or DVI port. On your TV, check the front, sides and back for the available inputs. Look for an HDMI or DVI port, as the cables for these ports are the easiest to find in a store.

  2. Purchase a cable

    Audiovisual cables are sold in numerous combinations. Find and purchase the cable that coordinates with your available ports.

  3. Connect your laptop to the TV

    Insert the cable into the ports on your laptop and TV.

  4. Enable viewing on your TV

    Once your laptop is connected to your TV, turn on both devices. Set the TV to the appropriate input channel. Find the display icon on your keyboard. It is located on one of the function keys and looks like two monitors. Press and hold the Fn key, and then press the display icon key. The laptop's screen now displays on the TV.

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