How Do You Hook up Your DVD or VCR to Your TV?

The easiest way to connect a VCR, DVD player or Blu-ray device to a television is to connect it directly with composite, High-Definition Multimedia Interface or component cabling. Another option is to attach the device to one already connected to the television.

Connecting a media player to a television is easiest if both support the same cabling. HDMI cabling provides the best picture, since it relies on digital technology; it also supports sound, making it a convenient option. To access the device, press the Input or Source button on the television's remote control to select the correct HDMI input source.

Composite cables are also common, although they don't support high-definition video and don't produce the same sharp picture as digital options. Composite cables rely on three cables; the red and white cables transfer the stereo audio channels, while the yellow cable transfers the video. This makes it easier to connect the sound output to a receiver or other device. Component cables support high-definition video and are similar to composite cables. Instead of delivering video through a single cable, however, they rely on three video cables.

Media players might also support S-Video cabling. S-Video is an analog signal but generally produces a better picture than composite cables. Since S-Video doesn't support audio, most media players use composite cabling to send the sound channels.