How Do You Hook up a Condenser MIC to a Computer?


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Most condenser MICs just need to be plugged into a USB port, after which they will install themselves rapidly. Some may need drivers downloaded to begin functioning, and these drivers can be found on the products' respective manufacturer websites.

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Audio technology for PCs is heavily weighted toward ease of use. Much of it can be plugged in and put to work at once.

  1. Plug in
  2. The first step is to plug the condenser MIC into the computer or laptop. This is usually accomplished through the USB jack.

  3. Wait for install
  4. The condenser MIC will usually install itself automatically. User permission may be needed via pop-up windows.

  5. Download drivers
  6. If the MIC does not auto-install, drivers should be downloaded. They can be found on the MIC's manufacturer's website.

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