How Do You Hook up Your Chromecast to Your Television?


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Google's Chromecast streaming media device comes standard with an HDMI interface that plugs directly into any television with an HDMI port. After the Chromecast is physically connected to the television and plugged into a power source with the included AC adapter, the next step in setting up the device is to connect it to a wireless network using the Chromecast mobile app or a Windows computer.

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Some televisions include HDMI ports in locations where it may be difficult or impossible to physically insert the Chromecast device into the port. The Chromecast includes a short adapter cable that is used to attach the device to the HDMI port on these televisions. It is also possible to use computer monitors with HDMI ports as a Chromecast display, though there may be no audio if the monitor does not incorporate speakers or an audio out jack. It is not possible to use a Chromecast with a television set or monitor that does not incorporate an HDMI input.

Streaming content to the Chromecast is accomplished using either the mobile Chromecast app for iOS or Android phones or with streaming software running on a PC. For example, Google's Chrome Web browser can stream webpages or videos using extensions. The Chromecast itself can also run apps that stream content directly to the device, though these must still be controlled with a phone or PC.

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