How Do You Hook a PC up to a Television?

How Do You Hook a PC up to a Television?

Ways to connect a PC to a television include a high-definition multimedia interface, video graphics array and streaming. HDMI is perhaps the easiest method if both the PC and television have HDMI ports. Connect the two devices using a HDMI cable, and ensure the TV is on the correct input and the PC is set to play on the TV. VGA works similarly but requires an additional 3.5-millimeter audio cable to play sound on the television.

If using a laptop that lacks a HDMI port, consider using a USB to HDMI adapter in order to connect the HDMI cable to a USB port instead. This may require some additional software for the PC, so make sure the adapter is compatible before purchasing.

To set up a computer with Windows to use a connected television, go to Control Panel, select Display, then choose Adjust Resolution, and choose the TV in the Display drop-down box.

Popular media streaming devices include Google Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. These each has its own setup method. In general, they connect to a television's HDMI port and can be accessed over Wi-Fi in order to display video on the TV.

Other interfaces for connecting a PC to a TV include composite, DVI, S-Video and component connections. These can all be setup similarly to HDMI and VGA but may require additional adapters to connect to the TV or the PC. Choose the best option based on the ports available on the PC and TV as well as the cables available.