What Are Some Facts About the HomeLink Wireless Control System?


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HomeLink Wireless controls systems allow wireless control of garage doors, gates and radio frequency controlled lightning. The systems themselves run on a radio frequency from inside the user's vehicle.

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Installation and compatibility of these systems depend on the make and model of the vehicle with which they are being programmed, as well as the products being linked, such as garage doors. From the company's site, HomeLink.com, one can use a series of menu options to ensure that the system is compatible with his vehicle. The oldest models listed are from 2007, as of 2015.

HomeLink also claims compatibility with 99% of all garage door openers and gate openers. As is the case with automobiles, there is a section on the company's site that allows one to check to see that his devices, including lighting, are compatible. HomeLink's radio frequency only works with devices that operate between 288 and 433 megahertz.

HomeLink products can be programmed by the user and require no batteries. They are powered by the electrical system of the automobile in which they are installed. If a vehicle was not purchased with HomeLink already installed, a compatible system can be purchased from the site and installed by the user.

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