What is a homegroup?


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A homegroup is a group of PCs on a home network that can share files as well as printers. The principal advantage of using a homegroup is the easy file sharing. Multimedia such as pictures, videos and music are also shared among people on a homegroup. Similarly, other people cannot modify the shared files unless they are given permission to do so.

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Computers set up with Windows 7 editions such as Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise automatically create a homegroup. In addition, a homegroup may be created by following a few simple steps. Open HomeGroup by clicking the Start button. Click Control Panel, type "homegroup" in the search box, and then click on HomeGroup. On the ���Share with other home computers running Windows 7��� page, click Create a Homegroup, and then follow the instructions.

If the network already has a homegroup, Windows issues a prompt to join the group instead of creating another one. If the system has no home network, it is required to set up one prior to creating a homegroup. If a computer belongs to a domain, a homegroup can be joined, but it is not possible to create one. Files can be accessed on other homegroup computers, but files can't be shared with the homegroup. After creating a homegroup, other computers can be added to it to allow access to shared libraries and printers.

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