Why Does My Home Page Keep Changing?


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The most common reason for the home page to change is because a recently installed software product offered to change the default home page and that offer was not rejected. Restoring the proper home page is usually a matter of going into the browser's settings to change them back to what they were before.

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Many programs offer to change the user's home page when being installed to the machine. This option has to be unchecked before continuing to avoid its installation and often leads to home page changes being installed due to inattention.

To change altered Internet Explorer pages, the user must click on the gear button and select the General tab under Internet Options. There is a box named Home Page, and that is where the user can change her home page. Changing the home page in Mozilla Firefox is similar. The user must click the Firefox menu button, Internet Options and General before inserting a new website address in the Home Page box.

Changing the home page in Google Chrome requires the user to click on the Chrome menu button, select Settings, select Appearance and check the Show Home button. Once the user has done that, she must select Change and type in the desired homepage. After that, she should select On Startup and Set to ensure there are no undesirable Web pages set to turn on when the browser opens.

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