What Are Some Highly Rated Surveillance Equipment Options?

What Are Some Highly Rated Surveillance Equipment Options?

Some highly rated surveillance equipment as of 2015 includes the Nest Cam, the Belkin NetCam HD+, the Canary and the IControl Network Piper NV, according to Tom’s Guide. These digital surveillance cameras win praise for their design, durability and flexibility.

The Nest Cam takes home the best rating among security cameras, with critics praising its high-resolution video, ease of installation and versatility. Users can access video footage from mobile devices and use cloud storage for surveillance recordings, though this feature requires a monthly access fee.

Belkin’s NetCam HD+ also doubles as an intercom, and the camera’s WeMo control system can activate lights and other home electrical functions remotely. Like the Nest Cam, the NetCam also offers cloud storage of video footage and remote viewing via a mobile app. Reviewers praise the device’s price while noting that its video quality is not quite as strong as more expensive models.

The Canary is a pricier surveillance tool that offers a range of sophisticated features, including heat, humidity and air quality sensors. The device also offers high-resolution video, clear audio and an automatic activation function for when users leave the home.

Icontrol’s Piper NV camera also functions as a home security system, complete with a built-in alarm system and customizable security settings. The device can also control compatible home accessories remotely. Reviewers praise the camera’s performance, but it draws some criticism for an underdeveloped mobile app.