What Are Some Highly Rated Sound Bars According to Experts?

As of 2015, some of the best soundbars include the Definitive Technology W Studio, the Sharp HT-SB602, the Zvox Soundbase 570 and the Polk N1 Surroundbar, according to PCMag. These soundbars connect to HDTVs to offer better external sound quality.

The Definitive Technology W Studio is a powerful, stylish audio system that offers strong performance and sound quality. The device features multi-room Wi-Fi audio connectivity and HDMI switching for multiple devices. The W Studio’s wireless subwoofer makes for powerful surround sound, but the device is more expensive than most of its competitors.

Sharp’s HT-SB602 wins praise for its Bluetooth connectivity, strong audio performance and connectivity to larger HDTVs. Most soundbars are designed to accommodate TVs under 55 inches, but the HT-SB602 can easily handle HDTVs over 60 inches in size. The device is excellent for movies, though reviewers do note that it suffers when dealing with bass-heavy music.

While it’s slighter bulkier than competing models, critics laud Zvox’s Soundbase 570 for its quality sound, sturdy construction and Bluetooth connectivity. The device generates sound without the need for a separate subwoofer, making it ideal for smaller spaces. The only feature reviewers criticize is the lack of HDMI inputs.

Polk’s N1 Surroundbar receives strong reviews for its clear sound, sleek design, affordable price and surround sound simulation technology. Designed to accompany Microsoft’s Xbox One, the N1 Surroundbar is also functional for movies and music, though reviewers do note that its bass sounds are weak.