What Are Some Highly Rated Power Banks?

Some highly rated power banks are the Aukey Portable External Battery Charger, Mophie Powerstation Pro, iWalk Extreme Trio Power Bank and Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger. LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro is another highly rated power bank.

The Aukey Portable External Battery Charger has a capacity of 3,600 mAh and takes three to four hours to fully charge. An Apple cable can be used because the charging input port is a Lightning connector. The Mophie Powerstation Pro takes six hours to fully charge and has a capacity of 6,000 mAh. It is dust- and water-resistant and charges anything that plugs into a USB port. The iWalk Extreme Trio Power Bank takes six and a half hours to charge and has a capacity of 10,000 mAh.

It has a microUSB, two built-in output cables and a Lightning cable. The Zilu Smart Power Portable Charger with a capacity of 4,400 mAh charges in three to four hours. It has one USB port that has enough power to fully recharge a Galaxy S5 or an iPhone 6. The LinearFlux Lithium Card Pro charges in one and a half to three hours and has a capacity of 3,000 mAh. It can charge two devices at the same time and HyperFET circuitry inside determines which devices need more power.

Milliampere hour, also called mAh, is a unit of electric charge. It is used for electrochemical systems, such as electrical batteries.