What Are Some Highly Rated Phones With HDMI Ports?


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Some highly rated phones with High Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, ports include HTC Butterfly 3, LG H815, BlackBerry P9983 Graphite Edition, Sony Xperia Z2a and Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. These phones enable you to watch High Definition, or HD, video content, as stated by PhoneRated.

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These phones enable you to transmit HD videos to any HD television, according to Chron. They have high-resolution displays, high-speed, multi-core processors and high sensitivity cameras. HTC Butterfly, for

instance, boasts a quad-core HD screen, a 20.2 mega-pixel main camera and a 13.0 mega-pixel front camera, says PhoneRated. LG H815 has a 64-bit 1.8 GHZ hexa-core engine and a 16.0 mega-pixel 4K camera.

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