What Are Some Highly Rated Movie Maker Editors?

What Are Some Highly Rated Movie Maker Editors?

Some good video editing software for 2015 includes iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Lightworks and Avidemux, according to Digital Trends. These powerful video editing programs offer a huge range of tools and are available for free.

Apple’s iMovie comes bundled standard with new Macs, and the program offers strong editing functionality for basic users. With iMovie, users can import video footage from a variety of sources, including smartphones and GoPro cameras. The intuitive program allows users to easily drag and drop video and audio files, editing them with a simple timeline feature.

Windows Movie Maker is the standard video editing software included free with Windows PCs. Like iMovie, the program is simple and functional, making it ideal for novice editors working on simple video projects. Windows Movie Maker can easily edit video, add effects and export footage for easy upload.

Lightworks is a more professional video editing program used in major Hollywood films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “The King’s Speech.” Even the free version of the software offers powerful tools for video editing, including color correction, video capture and near-universal support for video formats.

Avidemux is a simple, but highly functional, editing tool that lets users quickly edit video projects. The program is not the most user-friendly, but Avidemux is a powerful tool for editing, trimming and encoding video. This open-source software also takes up limited hard drive space and uses minimal system resources.