What Are Some Highly Rated Laptops With DVD Drives?

What Are Some Highly Rated Laptops With DVD Drives?

As of 2015, some highly rated laptops with optical DVD drives include the Dell Inspiron 15z, Acer Aspire V5, Sony Vaio E17, Origin EON17-SLX and Acer Aspire M5, notes CNET.com. As laptops become thinner and smaller, customers may find that it becomes more difficult to find a new laptop that has a DVD drive.

The Dell Inspiron 15z is a reasonably priced laptop that features Windows 8 laptops and a large screen that is touch-enabled, notes CNET.com.

The Acer Aspire M5 is a touchscreen laptop that comes with Windows 8 and has a package of features at a reasonable price. The V5 version includes a backlit keyboard, a 500-gigabyte hard drive, four gigabytes of RAM and a Core i5 CPU. Both Acer Aspire laptops have an optical drive for physical media.

The Sony Vaio E17 does not have a touchscreen and may not be suitable for Windows 8. Its best feature is its big screen, which makes it a good choice for those looking to replace their desktop. The EON17-SLX also does not have a touchscreen.

Of those rated highly, the 15-inch Dell Inspiron 15Z was the top choice of CNET.com editors as of November 2015. The site also recommends customers purchase a laptop with an optical drive that also includes a touchscreen.