What Are Some Highly Rated Bluetooth-Enabled Cellphones?

As of 2015, the Galaxy S6 by Samsung and the Asus Zenfone 5 are highly rated cellphones with Bluetooth capabilities. Both phones run on Google's Android operating system.

Both phones are capable of sending and receiving files over Bluetooth, as well as utilizing various gadgets through it. Bluetooth gadgets communicate with the phones and greatly expand their uses. Some examples of Bluetooth gadgets for phones are the mobile printer by Polaroid, Logitech's diNovo mini keyboard and the bar code scanner by Baracoda.

Users should be aware that Bluetooth is susceptible to unwanted access. Hackers can tap into a device through Bluetooth and steal personal information. However, Bluetooth only has a range of 15 to 45 feet in public, meaning that the hacker has to be close to you and your device. Use strong security settings, delete Bluetooth devices you no longer use, and turn off Bluetooth when you're not using it to maximize your safety.