How Do You Highlight All the Cells in an Excel Spreadsheet Containing a Specific Value?


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The "Go To" command can be used in Microsoft Excel to find and select cells the meet a certain condition easily, such as a cell containing a specific value. On versions of Excel after Excel 2007, this function is located on the "Home" tab, in the "Editing" group.

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From the "Editing" group of options on the "Home" tab, click on the arrow next to "Find & Select." Click on the "Go To" option from the drop-down list that appears to activate the function. Selecting "CTRL" + "G" (or "CMD" + "G" on a Mac device) will also call this function.

To select the value that satisfy one of several Excel conditions, choose the criteria from the list of options that appear that best suit your purpose. Some of the available commands include "Comments," "Constants," "Functions," and "Formulas." "Conditional formats" will let you select all the cells that satisfy any of an infinite number of conditions. Row and column differences apply a condition based on a value of a formula, whereas "Formulas" looks for the equation that's being applied to find a certain value, but does not look for any specific value. The "Constants" function will help you to select all the cells that contain a certain constant value.

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