How Do You Hide the Windows Taskbar?


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The Windows taskbar has a built-in setting that allows users to hide it by default, and changing this setting changes how the taskbar operates. If the taskbar is set to be hidden by default, it is only shown if the mouse cursor is hovered over the taskbar area. If the taskbar is set to be shown by default, it is always displayed and never hidden.

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The Windows taskbar can't be permanently hidden, but it can be set up to automatically hide whenever nothing is interacting with it, which adds to the total screen real estate available. To start this process, click on the Start button, open the Control Panel and then open the Appearance and Personalization section. From here, click on Taskbar and Start Menu, and then go to the Taskbar tab.

Inside the Taskbar tab, look for the Auto-hide the taskbar option under the Taskbar appearance section. Check the box next to this option, and then click the OK button. Once this option is enabled, the taskbar automatically becomes hidden. Revealing a hidden taskbar is as simple as pressing the Windows key on the keyboard or moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen where the taskbar is located.

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