How Do You Hide Cells in Excel?

How Do You Hide Cells in Excel?

To hide cells in Excel 2010, first identify the row or column you want to hide. With the row or column highlighted, select Format, Visibility and Hide Rows or Hide Columns.

  1. Identify the rows or columns to hide

    On the Excel spreadsheet in which you are working, select the part of the worksheet you want to hide. Do this by placing the cursor on the number of the row or the letter of the column, then click. Be certain that the row or column turns blue. Drag the cursor to the right or left, or even up or down, to select a group of rows or columns to hide.

  2. Select the Home tab

    Click the Home tab, usually located next to the File tab, to access the formatting options.

  3. Select the Format button

    Look for the Format button in the Cells section of the bar. It is typically located next to Insert and Delete.

  4. Find the Visibility heading

    Find the Visibility heading under the Cell Size heading.

  5. Move to Hide and Unhide

    Use the mouse to select Hide and Unhide directly under the Visibility heading. This opens another menu.

  6. Select the appropriate option

    In the new menu, select either Hide Rows or Hide Columns to hide the blue rows or columns. Note that this menu is also where you "unhide" the rows or columns.