How Do You Hide an App?


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To hide an app in iOS 8, drag it into a full home screen, and hold it over an icon as if to create a folder. Then, without releasing the app, drag it to the dock, and let it go when the folder screen disappears.

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  1. Fill up the home screen with apps

    Fill up your home screen with apps you do not want to hide. Move any apps you want to hide onto another page.

  2. Grab the app you want to hide

    Slide to the page where the app you want to hide is located. Tap and hold its icon until the other icons on the screen start shaking.

  3. Create a folder without releasing the app

    Drag the app you are holding over to the home screen. Hold it over one of the icons on the home screen just as you would if you were trying to create a new folder. Do not, however, release the app when the folder screen appears.

  4. Drag the app to the dock, and let it go

    With the folder screen open, drag the app down over to the dock. Wait for the folder screen to disappear before finally letting go of the app you are holding. The app should now be hidden. However, it reappears when you restart the phone. To launch a hidden app, use Spotlight to search for it, and run it from there.

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