How Do I View the Hidden History of Websites Visited on My Computer?


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A history of the websites viewed on a browser can be found on that browser's History page, which is usually found either as an option nested in the View tab or on its own menu tab. Many browsers allow Windows and Mac computers to pull the page up automatically with the keyboard sequence "CTRL-H" or "CMD-H," though individual settings may vary. Google Chrome and Firefox allow users to search for keywords within the History page, making it much easier to locate a forgotten site link.

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How Do I View the Hidden History of Websites Visited on My Computer?
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If a user clears their browser cache, it will then become impossible to access that browser’s recent History. The function of the browser cache is to save data about websites the user has visited recently on the hard drive of the computer. This saved information speeds up navigation time to saved sites.

Experts recommend clearing the browser cache regularly in order to free up hard drive space and help your computer’s software run more efficiently. In some instances, clearing the cache also allows the browser to access the most recent copy of a given Web page, if an outdated version had previously been cached.

Google Chrome and Firefox provide secure browsing modes that allow users to visit pages without the pages being saved in the browser’s History. In Firefox, this is known as Private Browsing and can be accessed through the menu and by selecting New Private Window. Links can also be opened in Private Browsing Mode. In Google Chrome, this is known as Incognito. If a website is opened in either mode, the browser does not create a temporary cache file, and it cannot be accessed through the History tab.

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