What Are the Hidden Costs Associated With FreedomPop?

FreedomPop customers are charged for going over their 500 mb of free data. If the overage is 100 mb or less, the overage charge is the "default top-up" charge, which defaults at $10. Greater overages are charged per additional megabyte used, with the rate varying by the Monthly Plan selected.

"Value Added Services" carry additional monthly charges. FreedomPop customers require equipment to use the service, which can be rented or purchased from the company for an additional charge. While a "free lease option" exists, customers that select it cannot downgrade their plan without purchasing the equipment at full price which ranges from $49.99 for Broadband equipment to $149.99 for Phone equipment, as of 2015.

A 99 cent Active Service Fee applies to customers that use less than 5 mb in a month, but accounts created after July 1, 2012, are exempt from this charge.