What Is a Helkern Attack on a Computer?


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A Helkern attack is a type of malicious program that slows down networks and creates vulnerabilities in people's computers. Helkern attacks were at their height around 2003, accounting for a 25 percent decrease in the speed of the Internet.

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Every day, around 10 vulnerabilities are discovered in the world's most commonly used software and operating systems. While administrators frequently release patches to deal with these vulnerabilities, the rate of new Helkern-like viruses being created is a daily occurrence. Some experts believe that this problem could become the cause of the downfall of the Internet. This could be dangerous, as global communications could be compromised and people's financial and personal information could be threatened.

It is believed, however, that releasing patches to constantly fix smaller problems with security systems will soon become unaffordable as the rates of new viruses and security problems grow every day. Some experts believe that the key to fixing this problem could be in addressing the root of the problem.

Viruses are constantly written as a form of cyber-terrorism because creators know that they can't be tracked. This is why some believe that Internet users should have personal ID's. This, however, would be a very difficult precedent to enforce as it would certainly conflict with precedents in law and civil liberties. Nevertheless, the problem with Helkern attacks and other malicious attacks like it are a growing problem with today's Internet infrastructure.

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