What Is the Healthwise Knowledgebase?

What Is the Healthwise Knowledgebase?

Healthwise Knowledgebase is an online health resource featuring consumer-friendly content and tools on various health topics. The website offers a large database of health information, illustrations and videos to help consumers better manage their health and make informed decisions.

Healthwise Knowledgebase contains tools and information related to medical conditions, prevention, symptoms, treatments and tests. Videos and illustrations help users easily understand complex health information. The health content provider covers several topics, including heart attacks, diabetes, spinal surgeries and antibiotics.

Healthwise Knowledgebase has an accreditation by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission, an independent health care benchmarking organization. The online health resource maintains expert-reviewed, clear and consistent health information that is accessible on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Healthwise is a non-profit organization that provides health information, decision support tools and personal care plans for health care management companies, consumer health portals and hospitals. Established in 1975, the organization creates reliable, engaging content and interactive tools to inform, educate and cultivate positive health management practices among consumers.

In addition to Knowledgebase, Healthwise offers products such as Decision Aids, Healthwise Coach, Patient Instructions, Pregnancy Program and Conversations, as of 2016. The organization also provides enterprise solutions for patient engagement, care management, shared decision making and population health.