How Do You Hard Reset an Android Phone?

How Do You Hard Reset an Android Phone?

To hard reset an Android phone, open the Settings menu on your phone, find the Backup and Reset menu, back up any important data, select Factory Data Reset, and press Reset Phone. Once you click the reset button, the phone reboots in recovery mode to wipe and reset the data.

  1. Open the settings on your phone

    Turn on your Android phone, and navigate to the Settings menu. Locate the Backup and Reset menu. Its exact location may vary by carrier and cell phone manufacturer.

  2. Back up your data

    If you want to save data from your phone, perform a data backup before resetting. Some phones include a backup program. If available, it appears in the Backup and Reset menu. If you need a backup app, download it from the Google Play Store before proceeding. Open the backup service from the menu, and select the data you want to save.

  3. Reset the phone

    If you are selling your phone, download an encryption app, and encrypt your data before performing a factory reset. From the Backup and Reset menu, select Factory Data Reset. If your phone has an external memory card, the menu asks if you want to reset the card. It is not necessary to reset your card, so you can decline this option. To perform the hard reset, click the Reset Phone button.