What Happens in the "Truck Mania" Game?


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The online game "Truck Mania" tasks players with safely driving a flatbed truck to deliver cargo across various types of terrain without dropping the cargo. Each level consists of new obstacles that the player must overcome to reach the destination with the cargo intact.

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At the start of the game the player has the option to choose from up to four different truck types, each of which features slightly different speed and performance statistics. During the first time playing the game only one truck is available, with the others unlocking after the player completes several levels. Once the player chooses a level, she uses the arrow keys to control the truck on its journey to deliver its cargo unscathed. She uses the up arrow the move the truck forward, the down arrow to activate the brake, and the left and right arrows to control the positioning of the tuck in an attempt to keep the cargo from falling off.

Over the course of each level, the player encounters different types of terrain that she must overcome to reach the destination. For example, the opening level begins with a small bump that sends the truck tilting backwards if the player approaches it too fast.

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