What Happened If the Wise Uninstall Could Not Open the Install Log File?

The error message "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file" appears if the WiseScript installer is unable to locate the log file for the program it is removing from a user's computer. When this error appears, the program removal process terminates unsuccessfully. To fix this error, either a new log file must be created or the installer must be given the correct path to the existing log file.

If the end user mistakenly deletes the original installation log, then re-installing the program recreates the log file so that the uninstall script can complete its task. If the uninstall string in the registry is incorrect, this can be corrected by searching for the string using Regedit and providing the correct path. Alternatively, if the installer did not create a log file during the first time around, then the user may use Installation Expert to force the creation of a log file. These workarounds allow the uninstaller to complete its task.

It is vital to complete the uninstallation process correctly because removing packages manually leaves erroneous records in the Windows registry. If the end user wants to re-install a package at a later date, then these records may interfere with that fresh installation process.