What Happened to Snapseed Desktop After It Was Acquired by Google?

What Happened to Snapseed Desktop After It Was Acquired by Google?

After Google acquired Snapseed Desktop, the company removed it from the market. Google pledged to support existing installations, but stopped selling new licenses for the product.

Snapseed Desktop is an image editing and sharing program for Windows PCs. It was a port of the iOS app Snapseed, which was originally exclusive to the Apple iPad. Prior to its acquisition by Google, Snapseed Desktop was available both directly from the software developer and through Intel's AppUp store.

Features of Snapseed Desktop include image corrections, such as white balance, saturation, contrast and ambiance controls. It also automatically analyzes photos and adjusts color and exposure and allows users to manually adjust these corrections. These features can repair photographs taken in poor lighting and enhance the depth and vibrancy of well-lit photographs.

Other capabilities that Snapseed Desktop offers included detail enhancement, cropping and straightening, grunge filters, and depth of field enhancements. Users can change aspect ratios, add vintage color effects, convert photos to black and white, and add frame and border effects.

Snapseed Desktop allows users to share photos on Facebook and upload them to Flickr, email photos, and print photos on a home printer. It was available for PCs running Windows XP or higher.