How Do H2O Wireless Unlimited Plans Compare to Other Providers Plans?


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When it comes to coverage and quality, H2O Wireless is a top competitor, but it falls to an average status when it comes to pricing, plan options and customer service, according to Top Ten Reviews. H2O Wireless only includes unlimited minutes and text messaging in its unlimited plans.

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New H2O Wireless customers can choose between an unlimited plan that offers 500 megabytes of data per month and an unlimited plan that offers 2.5 gigabytes of data, as of April 2015. The network uses AT&T's wireless network to provide wireless connectivity to customers, which gives it to the ability to offer 4G LTE data speeds to customers with 4G LTE-compatible phones. Coverage extends to urban and rural areas, and the quality of its data speeds are matched only by T-Mobile, according to Top Ten Reviews.

As far as phones are concerned, H2O Wireless offers a wide range of devices that allows customers to choose devices based on their budgets and needs. This includes generic brands that manufacture cheap and simple devices to the smartphone industry's flagship, as well as more expensive devices. H2O Wireless includes an array of free features on all of these devices, such as call waiting, long distance, caller identification and voicemail.

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