What Are Some H2O Cellphone Plans?


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H2O Wireless offers monthly unlimited international talk and text plans with data options ranging between 500MB for $30 and 4GB for $60. The company also provides pay-as you go service with rates of $0.05 per text or minute used, $0.10 per MMS message and $0.10 per MB of data.

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H2O Wireless's international call options include unlimited calls to landlines within over 50 countries for up to 10 numbers called, as of 2015. Unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls apply to Mexico only, with each call having a 60-minute limit, though customers can immediately recall the same number when the limit expires. If customers use the auto-recharge option for their H2O Wireless unlimited monthly plans or pay as you go plans, they receive discounts on their monthly bills.

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