Where Are There Guides Online to Answer Bible Study Fellowship Questions?


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While reading the set verses is the easiest way to get answers for Bible Study Fellowship questions, online resources that help with understanding include as AtoZ Mom and The Notes Are Good. BSF International's website only provides questions to those already studying in one of its classes.

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BSF's approach to Bible study focuses on individual thought and encourages students to answer the questions on their own before discussing them in a group setting. This means there are no official online resources for answers. BSF also does not have online study groups to replace or supplement real-life meetings, as of 2015.

However, some resources provided by other users of the BSF curriculum are available for those who are struggling with the questions between meetings or who wish to examine the material in more depth. These are written by fellow students rather than by the organization, so they should be treated as part of the necessary discussion rather than expert resources.

BSF encourages students to attend local discussion groups and share what they have learned from their reading with their communities. This is why the organization discourages the use of online resources and focuses on physical meetings. This aim is written into the organization's structure, so the focus is not likely to change.

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