What Grammar Programs Are Available Online?


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There are many different types of grammar programs available online, including Analytical Grammar, Ginger Software and WhiteSmoke. Analytical Grammar is a learning software that teaches users correct grammar usage and mechanics. Ginger Software and WhiteSmoke act as writing software to assist users to write and correct English grammar errors.

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Analytical Grammar features different products to accommodate the different educational levels of consumers. The Analytical Grammar program is a three-year grammar course designed for users in sixth grade or above. Junior Analytical Grammar is available for fourth or fifth-grade students. The program comes with resource books and optional DVD companions.

Ginger Software is a real-time grammar correction software that is available on mobile devices and computers. The program features a grammar checker and offers the user different ways to phrase written sentences. In addition, Ginger Software comes with a built-in dictionary, translator, text reader, and a personal trainer that helps users to improve their English writing.

WhiteSmoke is a grammar-checking software that analyzes text on demand. The program analyzes texts and presents a list of solutions and suggestions to the user. WhiteSmoke claims to use technology that analyzes and intelligently understand the text to make the most accurate suggestions. In addition, the software presents the explanations of grammar mistakes and a correction log to show grammar mistake patterns.

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