How Do You Find GPS Coordinates?


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One way to obtain GPS coordinates is using Google Maps, with the aid of a browser. Open Google Maps, right-click on a location on the map, click on What's Here, and then read the coordinates off the info card that appears under the search box.

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How Do You Find GPS Coordinates?
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As of July 2015, you can also use is the tool at the MapCoordinates.net homepage to obtain the GPS coordinates of any place in the world. In the search field that is below the map, type the address of the location whose coordinates you are interested in, and then zoom in to get a more detailed view of the region. After moving the marker to the exact position, a pop-up window with the longitude and latitude values of the place appears.

Alternatively, you convert an address to GPS coordinates at GPS-Coordinates.net. Type in the address of the interested location in the address field, and then click on Get GPS Coordinates. The converter displays the longitude and latitude values. You can also read the values directly off the Google Map on the page.

WhatsMyGPS.com offers a similar service and follows a similar procedure; either enter an address or zoom into the map provided, and then right-click on an area to get its coordinates.

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