How Do I Know If I Have Been Googled?

To find out if you have been Googled, run a search of your name on the Google Keyword Tool. This gives you global monthly statistics on how many times your name has been Googled. However, there is no method of knowing how many of these keyword searches were for a specific person with that name, notes

Take for example, you run a search on the name "Bob Smith" on the Google Keyword Tool. There is no way to know if the Bob Smith keyword searches shown in the global monthly statistics are for a particular Bob Smith. The Google Keyword Tool can also provide global monthly statistics on the number of searches for a person's name along with a keyword or keywords. The tool can show the number of keyword searches in a month for "Bob Smith Montana fishing guide," which could be more easily attributed to a specific Bob Smith.

There are many websites that provide more detailed information on whether a person has been Googled, but there is no way to know an exact number of individuals that searched for a certain person. It is also not possible to know the identities of the people who conducted the keyword searches for a certain person.