How Does Google for Work Compare to Microsoft Office 365?

How Does Google for Work Compare to Microsoft Office 365?

Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365 are both cloud-based office solutions, and each has its own pros and cons, such as flexible commitments and limited storage. Both have a $5 per user per month entry price.

Google for Work is Google Apps rebranded. Consequently, the Google for Work cloud office emphasizes many of Google's trademark apps and integral business tools, such as Docs, Gmail and video conferencing via Hangouts, a central component of the Google Plus social platform. There are Hangouts applications for Android and iOS, thanks to the multiplatform approach on the part of Google.

Similarly, Microsoft Office 365 offers Word, Outlook, Skype for Business, Excel and Powerpoint, with mobile versions also available for iOS. Google for Work has two simple plans compared to the six that Microsoft Office 365 offers. Google for Work clients have 30GB per user or unlimited storage for premium accounts with at least five users.

Every Microsoft Office 365 user receives 1TB of storage, regardless of plan type. Whereas each Microsoft Office 365 plan requires an annual commitment, Google for Work provides a month-to-month option or a full year in advance for a discounted rate.

Overall, Google for Work tends to best serve young entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups who have no existing cloud office, according to Matt Kapko of Google for Work is also less expensive than Microsoft Office 365.