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Google Now is a personal-assistant program for mobile use on the Android and iOS operating systems as well as through the Google Chrome Web browser. It is essentially Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri program, designed to provide snippets of useful information based on a user's questions and usage habits. The software utilizes a natural-language interface to answer questions, provide recommendations and perform actions through various Web services.

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Information provided by Google Now utilizes the user's current location and the time of day to be relevant. In addition to answering user-generated questions, Google Now proactively offers recommendations and information based on the user's search habits, locations and calendar appointments. The assistant displays its recommendations and information through “cards” which appear on the mobile device or computer. It uses advanced algorithms and Google’s proprietary "Knowledge Graph" technology to assemble detailed intelligence by analyzing the meaning and connections of the user's queries and habits.

Specialized Google Now Cards include nearby attractions, calendar updates, personal health and activity summaries, hotel and travel deals, sports news and updates, stocks, traffic and transit updates, restaurant reservations and translator applications.

Google Now first launched in July of 2012 on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The program was introduced on Apple’s iOS operating system in April 2013 and on Google Chrome in March 2014.

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