How Do You Do the Google Gravity Trick?


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To do the Google Gravity trick, open Google Chrome, search for Google Gravity using the Google search engine, and choose I'm Feeling Lucky. The Google Gravity trick typically lasts for a minute and causes the Google buttons to become jumbled at the bottom.

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Choose a browser without Google instant results. If Google doesn't instantly create the Google Gravity trick when you enter Google Gravity in the search bar, disable the instant results feature by typing Google.com/preferences into the address bar after logging in to your Google account. Go to Google Instant Predictions, select Never Show Instant Results, and save the settings.

Another method to do the Google Gravity trick is to open Google Chrome and directly type the Google Gravity link in the address bar. Then, go back to the previous page, and wait for the Google Gravity trick to take effect. Typing keywords and clicking Enter causes Google images and search results to plummet to the bottom of the screen.

Google Gravity is a feature that Google introduced in 2009. It can be a fun trick to show to people who are not yet familiar with it, leading them to believe that the Google site is likely malfunctioning. When the Google buttons and search results fall to the bottom, you can click any of the items and move them around the page.

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