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Google Glass is a wearable, head-mounted computer that can capture video and pictures and connect wirelessly to the Internet. The device uses a small prism to reflect images into the eye of its user, and transmits audio through bone conduction. The user can issue commands by speaking, although a small touchpad on the device can be used as a secondary input or in noisy environments.

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The basic Google Glass model resembles a pair of rimless spectacles without lenses. A single frame bar is held up over the eyes by ear and nose pieces, with the Google Glass device attached to the right side. The prism is mounted so it appears in the upper right quadrant of the user's vision, and the rear of the device presses against the bone behind the user's right ear. Google Glass requires professional fitting, a complimentary service provided as part of the purchase price.

The ability of Google Glass to record audio and video secretly has led a number of public and private establishments to ban its use on their premises due to privacy concerns. Google Glass has also spawned some physical and mental disorders related to its use. Users must focus their right eyes on the tiny screen while letting their left eyes go out of focus, a technique that often causes headaches in first-time users. In October of 2014, a user in the United States began to suffer withdrawal symptoms when separated from his device during a substance-abuse program.

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