What Are Some Good Wi-Fi Antennas?


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Some good types of Wi-Fi antennas are directional antennas and omni directional antennas. To choose the best antenna for home or office use, consider the location of the antenna, the device being set up, the range required and the purpose of the Wi-Fi connection.

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Directional antennas are used in a point-to-point setup when two locations have to be connected. A directional antenna is connected to a Wi-Fi router that is, in turn, connected to a high-speed Internet connection at Point A and is directed towards Point B. Set up a directional antenna in line of sight at Point B to boost signal strength. Such antennas are usually used in homes to share Internet connections with friends. Some directional antennas are backfires, Yagi, panel and dish-type antennas.

Omni directional antennas are used in point-to-multi point setups, where the signal is distributed from a central location to multiple locations or devices at a 360-degree coverage area. Such antennas are used to create a Wireless Local Area Network and therefore are suitable for small office spaces. They can also be used to create Wireless Access Points in public places such as local coffee shops, airports and residential vehicle parks. Some omni directional antennas are vertical omnis, ceiling domes, rubber ducks, small desktops and mobile vertical antennas.

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