What Are Some Good Websites With Instructions on How to Make Things?

What Are Some Good Websites With Instructions on How to Make Things?

Some websites that show users how to make things include Instructables, Do It Yourself, Make, DIY Network and Craftster. All of these sites offer tutorials on a wide variety of projects for users of all skill levels.

Originally created by students at MIT's Media Lab, Instructables is now a popular destination for DIY culture. The site offers tutorials and user-submitted project ideas for an enormous variety of creations, including technology, food and the outdoors. Instructables also frequently holds creation contests that invite users to submit constructions based around a particular theme.

Do It Yourself focuses primarily on home repair and improvement projects, but the site also features tutorials on crafts, cooking and automotive accessories.

Make is the official site of Make Magazine, which focuses on all aspects of DIY creation. The site offers information on everything from crocheting and home decorations to electronics and 3-D printing. Make also hosts an annual online summer camp to help kids learn more about making their own creations.

DIY Network is the online version of the home-improvement TV channel. On the official site, users can learn how to make a variety of helpful home accessories with DIY Network's range of instructive videos.

Craftster offers a more offbeat take on DIY creation, offering information primarily on clothing, cooking, knitting and jewelry. The items on Crafster aren’t necessarily the most useful or practical, but the site offers many unique project ideas.